Search Term Time!

by Megan Harris

Let’s go through the search terms that lead so many people to this blog.

scene hair

If you came to this blog for Scene Hair, you came to the wrong place.

ask profesor [sic] out via email

No, don’t do that. That is bad form.

how to ask professir [sic] out

Oh…dear…please don’t.

cute 12 year old girls

What?! What!? Wrong place for that. 

bad relationships tearing down your psyche

True life. Those happen. And they suck. But you’re probably awesome. So go here if you need help and please, when you’re out volunteer at a hotline or a shelter to help others! It is a fantastic and rewarding experience to help other people get out of bad situations. 

pick up line coffies

What is a coffies?

is bisexuality ok


have you asked a professor out?

Nope, but my friend did and she is awesome. 

fuck caffeine seriously

Oh… 😦

what does bisexual mean pic gallery

Uh…. this sounds like a bad combo that leads to porn. 

being bisexual is not okay

That attitude is not okay. 

caffeine pick up lines

Come over to my place, I love you a latte.

Ba dum Tsssh

when a guy does karaoke does it mean he’s gay

No, not that being gay is a bad thing. 

forum mens rights losers

I believe you’re looking for Men Going Their Own Way. 

is it ok to be bisexual


pissing sex

Omg, no thanks. 

etiquette saying hi when passing on sidewalk

Yes, that is considered proper social etiquette.




The OkC files are Not Ok. 

in my longest term relationship ever and freaking out

Just breathe! It will be okay. If you’re happy, just go with it. Fix what can be fixed and when/if the relationship has run its course know when to let it go. Sometimes that last part is a hard lesson to learn for relationship novices. 

on the phone while dating


pissing men

Wrong place for you searchers. All…150 of you.

pof cute girls

Not here. No cute POFers on this blog. 

cute 12 yr old girl

WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THIS. Stop. Stahp! [I actually really say stop like “stahp” Hello accent!]