OkC: Don’t mean to be rude but…

by Megan Harris

So I got this message on OkC today. I read it on my phone (the account was disabled at this point) then went to my computer to screen shot it and post it. Because it was just that ridiculous. Anyway, when I went on my computer, I couldn’t find it. Then I went back on my phone and it was gone. I thought maybe it disappeared because the account was disabled but people have disabled their accounts before after messaging me and their messages stayed. I also didn’t delete it. Weird.

Anyway, down to the point of this post. The message was from a guy who said this:

You seem like someone who could make me really happy.

I have had a really fucked up year and

I think that you would make everything better for me.

Please talk to me soon.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but… I am a human being with my own fucked up shit. I don’t need to be your therapist. Don’t go on OkC and message people trying to guilt them into dating you or talking to you. If you want someone to talk to about your issues go see a therapist. A licensed practitioner of medicine. Not some girl you just thought was cute on the internet. Dating someone isn’t going to solve your psychological issues.