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Month: June, 2013

Not OK: I am not pissing off enough “Men’s Rights” activists.

Today my friend shared this xojane article by Mara Mercer. You can read it by following this link. In the article she describes having her profile posted on a Men’s Rights forum “Men Going Their Own Way.” or as I like to call it “Privileged Cocks Who Don’t Know Shit About The Oppressed Sex”

Was Mara being mean to these men? Did she write in her profile that she hated all men and wanted them to burn in the unending hot fires of the seventh layer of Hell? No. She just wrote in her profile that she was not interested in threesomes or sending nudes. An OkCer and member of MGTOW decided to post her profile and let other men degrade and belittle her and all the while offering to give her a taste of their sad and lonely penises.

While reading it I was thinking, “What a bunch of entitled, embittered, and absolutely ignorant losers!”

Then I thought, “I have pissed off enough dudes on the OkC that I must be on there in some form!”

Sadly, I am not.

Clearly, I am not pissing off enough people by having that I do not want to receive “creepy messages” on my profile and posting my feminist leaning responses to asshats asking for sex on this blog. I am surprised fully by this. Either, I am not pissing people off to my full potential or these people I am responding to actually have lives and don’t go on forums to belittle people.


Not Okfiles: How: “I LOVE KARAOKE! Do you like karaoke?” turned into “Let’s be FWB!?” turned into “U R A Bitch.”


OkC gives you many options when you create a profile. Namely your “who you are looking for” and “what you are looking for.” So I look for girls & guys, 18 – 30 (arbitrary number), for new friends and long distance pen pals. To Mr. Native, (who I think is such a dbag he doesn’t need privacy) he thinks that this means “fuck buddies” and “cyber sex friends.” 

NO. No it does not. If it meant that I would have said that in my profile. I also would have had “casual sex” in that list somewhere and made sure my status was “Available.” 

Regardless, you’d think when I said “No.” and clarified my intentions the second response he would understand. But no…he just kept coming at me. Until he broke down like the fedora’d weirdo he is. 

What’s more is after my message he actually emailed me in all caps to yell at me for having a profile on OkC and not looking for a boyfriend on the side. THEN told me he blocked me. As if I was being the complete weird stalkery, harassy, weird, assclown. 

I haven’t come across anyone who felt this response was “harsh,” and felt that he quite deserved it for reacting at my non-response the way he did. But in case you are one of them who feel like I was too mean to this poor 29 year old who “didn’t do anything wrong except want to bone me desperately,” let me put in a nice explanation. 

When I am having a not good day, or if I am feeling down about OkC and the type of creeps I am getting – when they’re scaring me and no longer amusing me – I get really anxious. You catch me on a bad day. You’re going to wish you never messaged me at all. I no longer play nice on OkC. I have had too many stalkers and too many let downs. I don’t have time to play nice with fools anymore. If you’re just a dick who is just around to try and have sex with me (not care about me, then ditch me – like a previous man)  then I am going to weed you out and I am not going to be nice about it.