Call For Submissions

by Megan Harris

Dear Sex/Sex Positive Writer/Artist-Friends & Blog Readers:


My friend, Richard Travis, posted this status today advertising a friend’s new magazine called AutomaNaut:

“Friends and even closer Friends, I am wanting you to reach out and have you lend me your eyes. I have a dear, dear friend who has started a magazine. She would love your ideas and art. I am talking to all of you poets, drawers, short writers, painters, photographers (to get your ideas and abilities flowing), and artists of all kinds. The magazine itself would focus on sex, sexuality, gender, and health, the content doesn’t have to be explicit in nature (though since there WILL be explicit material within, all submitters must be over 18 years old). This is not pornography and I reiterate, this IS NOT PORNOGRAPHY. Submissions can be anything from art to poetry/prose to photos. She has finally situated herself and has the submission forms up. You can find them here: Here’s the submission form:

“Aaaand here’s the you’re-not-12-so-nobody-can-sue-me form”:

You can contact Alyssa Duffy by this link:


Please open the forms, print, and fill them out, add your writing in manuscript format and send it to Alyssa (address provided in the form).  Please direct any further questions to Alyssa Duffy.