Single and Caffeinated Episode 31: Crazy Blind Date?

by Megan Harris

OKCupid launched a new app for iphone and andrioid called Crazy Blind Date recently. Upon its launch photos were scrambled across the whole site for advertisement purposes. The app is kind of like that.

Here is how the app works.

Step one: Download the app and either log in to your Okcupid account and take a picture from there or snap one with your cellular device. Either way the picture will be tiled-scrambled.

Step two: Chose the nights you are available for dates and where you’d like to meet up. A coffee shop/diner/bar…etc

Step three: Enable notifications and wait for CBD to match you up with someone in proximity to you.

Step four: When matched before the date an IM screen will be available to allow you to communicate with each other to find each other on the date.

Step five: OkC has encouraged people to tweet their experiences at #CrazyBlindDate

Since its official launch on Jan. 15 it doesn’t look like twitter is bumping with hashtags for it. Most look like people asking other friends if they have it.

I’m not sure how well it works. When it comes to a small city like mine, I’m probably¬†guaranteed to get matched up with people I already know/know of. Doesn’t sound too much blind to me. Also because I am friends with most people, if I am not already friends with someone, it is for good reason.


Though, it might work in a bigger city where you would be meeting new and completely random people.

I think that OkC should rethink its name choice. What about my blind date is crazy? I hope not in personality. Or am I crazy for letting a phone app hook me up with someone I can’t even see? Not too long ago it was common for women and men to go on blind dates through their friends and family.

Now with facebook and other social media a true blind date is pretty impossible.

“Oh, you want to hook me up with your friend Paul? Ok, yeah we can go on a date Friday.”
[type “paul” in the friend search bar of the friends who hooked you up.]

The point is, if you’re really that desperate to go on a blind date. Why not just ask your friends if they could set you up with someone they know as a blind date. Also, don’t look them up on facebook, that’s cheating.

I think an app for dating really just encourages people to use their phone while out in public. Though I am guilty of it sometimes too, I really think it is the most irritating thing you can do when hanging out with someone else. Stare at your phone mindlessly. Gross.