Late Night Music: Eisley

by Megan Harris

I was feeling a little upset today because I got my hopes up about an apartment that didn’t live up to expectation. The lady sprung on me last minute all these hidden costs which she initially did not mention. It was a really nice apartment. Kind of sad it didn’t fit my budget.

Found a ton more though and I am going to start phone-treeing for more tomorrow. So we’ll see. Gotta move soon, so it has to happen.

In the meantime to cheer myself up I am listening to amazing music. I found this little gem in my endless folder of music. Eisley. I love Sherri Dupree Bemis, she is my style icon and she is so friendly and cute to boot. You have to love her and her husband Max. They are by far the best/cutest/friendliest celebrity couple ever.

I love this song. It is so relatable, especially to me. I must have listened to it about as much as I listened to AWOL’s “Sail.”

As you may/may not have known I was in Advanced English classes for much of my life. I read the entire classic section of my library by the time I was in 7th grade. Read at least two book every day. I have such a soft spot for the classics, and when I say classics, I also mean and especially mean Greek. This song refers to the Greek mythos of “Narcissus.”

Narcissus, was a hunter who was very beautiful. He was super vain and proud of it. Nemesis knew of this and called him to a pool where he stared at his reflection til he died. It is a reference that runs the gambit in literature and music it is especially poignant in this song. Especially if you look into Sherri’s reason for writing it. It is especially poignant for me. This is a song I over played during the fighting and breaking up with my last ex. Along with Spill Canvas’ Bound to Happen whenever we fought from August – October (?) right before he started getting really mean.

“[…]she has, by a great effort of imagination, seen in you the hero of her dreams, and not yourself as you really are.”
– Le Rouge et le Noir.