Single & Caffeinated: Happy New Year 2013 and a Thank you.

by Megan Harris

Happy 2013 WordPress and blog-readers. Sorry I did not update on the 31st…got super sick. Still am sick but no worries, I am eating zinc, taking sudafed, and eating chicken soup. We’ll be good over here.

I would like to thank all the people who’ve sent me literally hundreds of messages/emails/private comments showing your support for me and this blog. The commenters on the Captain Awkward blog who have been nothing but supportive and full of advice for dealing with negative people and situations. The ten followers who keep up with this blog and all the people who may or may not be followers and like this blog and its posts.

I would mostly like to thank: Marie, Brittany, Kayla, Josh, Lindsey, Jason, Ryan, Maggie, Richard, Steve, Julie, Nicole, Nikki, Nikhol, (so many Nicole-variations in my friend group!), Jennifer, (though not a friend-friend, her advice was endlessly useful), Amber, Brandon, Maria, Amanda, Haley, and etc for being there constantly for me this year. Also for being adoringly great friends who I just can’t believe I get to have as friends.

It has been a great year with you and running this blog. I accomplished a lot. I dealt with a lot lame dating crap. Which is saved in my drafts and I never posted so I must rewrite it at some point to be past tense.

It has been a super hard year and these last few months have been especially tough with many things changing in my life.

In other news, I am currently keeping my eye out for full time Social Media Coordinator and Records Coordinator positions on job searches. I think it is about time I start doing full time a job I love. Right now I am a Social Media Coordinator at a local museum but it is an internship and clearly is not paying well. On top of that I work at Chipotle which is more delicious than fruitful. So I definitely need a full time job in order to finance my move.

So all my wonderful emailers and loves who keep up with my blog if you happen to hear of any of these jobs (distance is no object) let me know.