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Month: January, 2013

Single & Caffeinated Episode 30: Coffee guy and how he douche’d out on me…

[Here is an old post that was never posted – Dated for early October. Edited today to make it more recent.]

Coffee-Pickup-Line Guy from September had asked me out to dinner and hang out on about the 10th of September. If I am understanding my previous posts correctly.

I was nervous and super excited to meet him. We had some great message conversations and subsequently also some good texting conversations. I was still really into GA guy and so without realizing it, he became my barrier between me and my feelings for GA guy. Which was tough, lets be honest, I was really in love/infatuated with GA guy.

We had set a date for that weekend. The only glitch was that I had to request a day off of work and go in that Tuesday to make up the hours. So I did. I overly cleaned my house too. I was so stressed out about how it would go. I was still randomly crying over GA guy and still was waiting for him to contact me to tell me he was stupid. I was still being silly about him. So I was dreading this date. But, conversely I was also very much looking forward to it. I wanted it to happen so that I could 1.) feel better about myself a little and 2.) socialize with someone who wasn’t my coworker.

He canceled our date that Friday because of something that came up at work. We rescheduled for the next Saturday. I agreed.

I, again, called off and made up hours. I was less worried about it the next week and more and more found myself looking forward to it. He was still texting me and then mid week we didn’t text as much. I was super busy making up hours/studying for midterms/getting some papers written so I didn’t think much of it.

Saturday I texted him around noon,

Me: Hey, so what time would you like to hang out?
Him: Hmmmmm I don’t know. What time is good for you?
Me: I think 5 or 6 would be good. It’ll give me time to get some last minute things done today.
Him: [20 minutes later] Actually, I don’t think hanging out today would be a good idea. I met someone this week and it isn’t serious but I feel like going out to see you might be sketchy.
Me: Well, okay, I was looking forward to meeting you. If you decided in the future that you wanted to ever hang out then lets do it on a day that I don’t have to work so I don’t have to call off both times for you to just cancel on me. But I’d really rather you not ever text me again.

So then I was doubly upset. I didn’t even know Coffee Pick up Line that well but I was looking forward to hanging out with someone in my own house because I felt like the big issue for why I couldn’t open up with GA guy a lot was because I was in a “foreign land.”

So, I cried my tears. Got over it. Then the next month I started talking to my current boyfriend.


Not Ok: My nose denotes…what?

Not Ok: My nose denotes...what?

Moving?! Where? When?

S&C is probably going to be changing its base-camp in the near future. As I research Boston University more and more, the more I like it. I actually feel like this might be a good fit for me. Currently I am planning a potential move to Boston within this next year. 

Applying for jobs is probably my least favorite thing and this is going to be a huge move. If I drop off the radar this will probably be the explanation. 

Single & Caffeinated Episode 28: An old story but a funny one…

So about 7 years ago, I went through a shitty break up with my first serious boyfriend. I was depressed and upset and twenty. So it sucked all around. My little sister came over to go get food with me and try to cheer me up with retail therapy. 

As we were on our way to the mall she looked over at me and said, “Megan, grab that piece of notebook paper. Tom [her boyfriend] wrote me a poem today!” 

“Aw, that is sweet!” I opened it up and read it. 

“[…]You are my love, 
You are so beautiful.
 I love you, so much. 
I love you more than beer.”

I stopped and cringed in horror. Not only did the poem kind of suck but – 

“Heather…he loves youmore than beer?!” I began laughing hysterically. 

“Megan, you don’t understand, Tom really loves beer.”

I put my head in my hands and wondered how on earth they had been together for three years at that point, and I still kind of wonder why they’re still together today. 

 Probably because they both really love beer

Late Night Music: Eisley

I was feeling a little upset today because I got my hopes up about an apartment that didn’t live up to expectation. The lady sprung on me last minute all these hidden costs which she initially did not mention. It was a really nice apartment. Kind of sad it didn’t fit my budget.

Found a ton more though and I am going to start phone-treeing for more tomorrow. So we’ll see. Gotta move soon, so it has to happen.

In the meantime to cheer myself up I am listening to amazing music. I found this little gem in my endless folder of music. Eisley. I love Sherri Dupree Bemis, she is my style icon and she is so friendly and cute to boot. You have to love her and her husband Max. They are by far the best/cutest/friendliest celebrity couple ever.

I love this song. It is so relatable, especially to me. I must have listened to it about as much as I listened to AWOL’s “Sail.”

As you may/may not have known I was in Advanced English classes for much of my life. I read the entire classic section of my library by the time I was in 7th grade. Read at least two book every day. I have such a soft spot for the classics, and when I say classics, I also mean and especially mean Greek. This song refers to the Greek mythos of “Narcissus.”

Narcissus, was a hunter who was very beautiful. He was super vain and proud of it. Nemesis knew of this and called him to a pool where he stared at his reflection til he died. It is a reference that runs the gambit in literature and music it is especially poignant in this song. Especially if you look into Sherri’s reason for writing it. It is especially poignant for me. This is a song I over played during the fighting and breaking up with my last ex. Along with Spill Canvas’ Bound to Happen whenever we fought from August – October (?) right before he started getting really mean.

“[…]she has, by a great effort of imagination, seen in you the hero of her dreams, and not yourself as you really are.”
– Le Rouge et le Noir.

Single & Caffeinated: Happy New Year 2013 and a Thank you.

Happy 2013 WordPress and blog-readers. Sorry I did not update on the 31st…got super sick. Still am sick but no worries, I am eating zinc, taking sudafed, and eating chicken soup. We’ll be good over here.

I would like to thank all the people who’ve sent me literally hundreds of messages/emails/private comments showing your support for me and this blog. The commenters on the Captain Awkward blog who have been nothing but supportive and full of advice for dealing with negative people and situations. The ten followers who keep up with this blog and all the people who may or may not be followers and like this blog and its posts.

I would mostly like to thank: Marie, Brittany, Kayla, Josh, Lindsey, Jason, Ryan, Maggie, Richard, Steve, Julie, Nicole, Nikki, Nikhol, (so many Nicole-variations in my friend group!), Jennifer, (though not a friend-friend, her advice was endlessly useful), Amber, Brandon, Maria, Amanda, Haley, and etc for being there constantly for me this year. Also for being adoringly great friends who I just can’t believe I get to have as friends.

It has been a great year with you and running this blog. I accomplished a lot. I dealt with a lot lame dating crap. Which is saved in my drafts and I never posted so I must rewrite it at some point to be past tense.

It has been a super hard year and these last few months have been especially tough with many things changing in my life.

In other news, I am currently keeping my eye out for full time Social Media Coordinator and Records Coordinator positions on job searches. I think it is about time I start doing full time a job I love. Right now I am a Social Media Coordinator at a local museum but it is an internship and clearly is not paying well. On top of that I work at Chipotle which is more delicious than fruitful. So I definitely need a full time job in order to finance my move.

So all my wonderful emailers and loves who keep up with my blog if you happen to hear of any of these jobs (distance is no object) let me know.