Single and Caffeinated Episode 25: You cannot invalidate my experience

by Megan Harris

I went through something shitty. Someone I loved hurt me not once but multiple times both mentally and physically. Just because they stopped themselves before they critically injured me does not mean it did not happen and it doesn’t mean it wasn’t wrong.

I had a not good experience. Where someone hurt me. You are not allowed to invalidate it, turn it around, or make me not a victim of something. I was hurt. I was torn apart. I traveled a great distance for someone who wasn’t who I thought they were. They messed with my mind and hurt me. I left because it was what was best for me.

I refuse to discuss the matter further. This is what happened. This is the truth. I have no reason to lie. I am standing in solidarity with others who have felt the same. CaptainAwkward’s Jennifer was one of the first people I told for advice on how to handle the situation. I realized by the wealth of responses I received from a singular, “what should I do?” email that I just had to stand up and write something.

Maybe he didn’t beat me for years on end. Maybe he didn’t punch me. Maybe he didn’t leave scars. But the things he left me with took much longer to heal. I am still healing. Someone I married, someone I loved, someone I trusted not to hurt me became a person that hurt me. It happened so suddenly I have trouble believing it myself. But trust that  it happened and trust that I will not shut up.