Single and Caffeinated Episode 24: Are you fucking kidding me?

So this is my profile. Please take in to account the circled items: 


I received this message today…



Now even if the fact that he is a 56% match/9% Friend and nearly 50 years old did not immediately put me off from talking to him. The fact that he ignored my profile’s circled parts has. 

So I looked at his profile. Simple sentences talking about what he is looking for. He’s from Chicago, too. So after I read that thrilling autobiography about his life I looked at his pictures. Now, you can thank me for the censoring.

It started out with things a little too immature for a middle aged man: 



Then…well…I don’t know how to introduce this next one. Other than to apologize to you for it. Then say it is NSFW. 

……Oh god I am having trouble posting the horrible thing.



Dear god, can no one save us from the weirdos on the internet who like to post photos of their dicks?