The tally of my messages

by Megan Harris

So I got over 100 messages in one day on POF.

I tried screen capping my favorites last night but my PSP program froze after about three of them.

So I’ll re-screen cap them later.

Anyway here is the tally:

knew me already: 1
told me I look like Sara Bareilles: 4
told me I look like Lisa Loeb: 1
told me I look like someone they know: 5
told me I’m a special snowflake: 7
told me my eyes were awesome: 25
offered me casual sex: 10
offered me popcorn for casual sex: 1
used pick up lines from bars: 2
wrote me erotica: 1
sent me a copy and paste message: 2
offered to buy me coffee 13
wrote “How is a girl like you single?”: 15
just said hi/hello/hey: Everyone Else