Single and Caffeinated Episode 017: The first 24

by Megan Harris

So my challenge today (for a 24 hour period) is to see how many messages I can get in a POF account with my normal normalness. 

THEN I’m going to switch it up a bit and make a new profile next week…and be totally nothing like myself. Except for maybe some pictures. 

So I created an account for myself. The profile is 100% me. I even took the stupid assessment thing seriously even though I am confident that a handful of questions will not be able to match me with a bunch of douche bags in backwards caps. 

Here is the profile

I’ll even directly link you to my chemistry results and my assessment results. So that you can see that I took this seriously. Though I will say I don’t fully agree with the assessment. For example, the end says that I rated receiving gifts as a high want for affection. When I clearly only marked highly something like, “I think it is nice when a partner makes a gift for me.” 

Alright anyway, I just started this up and I already have 8 messages. That’s exciting. I will update everyone about this over the weekend. I will also screenshot my favorite/most hilarious. 

Here are things I already dislike about the site: 

  • Everyone looks like a generally bad person. (Shiesty as hell)
  • All my matches look like the same popped collar white dude in a different backwards cap. 
  • Nobody over the age of 22 seems to use this site. 
  • The match system is probably the worst I ever seen. It took me three years to answer enough questions about myself on OKC to get good to excellent matches. It took me a handful of questions and 15 minutes to get douchebags in ball caps. 
  • I want to know why POF thinks that the people in my matches would be good for me. Mostly it is all tractors and “I want me a country girl.” I feel like I am looking at the human versions of Mater from the movie Cars
  • It makes me angry that there is no “Bisexual” option either.

Anyway, clearly I don’t take POF seriously and if you chose to also do this challenge I highly suggest you don’t either. 

Just do it like you would do my Casual Encounters Drinking Game (Part I and II) as in do it while laughing, drunk, rolling around on the floor with your best friend. 

Which I still need to type up and post for ya’ll. 

Maybe I post those Monday.