Because I have been a bad blogkeeper the last couple weeks: Here are some messages from my OkC

by Megan Harris

Megan Fox and I have the same first name. We must be soulmates. Neil Patrick Harris and I have the same last name, we’re soulmates too! Naomi Watts and I both have vaginas! We must be soulmates. Johnny Depp and I both have hair… Do you see what I am getting at here.

Your message has made me feel decidedly awkward.



Here is a real question…
only because you lose stuff?

And these are the reasons why I still have an OkC profile. Specifically for insane shit like this.

What’s your favorite kind of tree? HA

It should have said: Do you believe in trees!?
I only believe in willow trees because they look sad all the time.
I only believe in birch trees because they are associated with death in Gaelic folklore.