Single and Caffeinated Episode 005: “Sex is not BAD”

by Megan Harris

A facebook friend wrote this on his status today.

“Being a Christian isn’t a depressing-miserable-life with no fun. It just means that I believe in Jesus, what he has done, and all the other words of Christ in red. I’m blessed to be a blessing. Once I got “saved” my ideology of “fun” has never consisted of getting drunk and stupid, doing drugs, having sex outside of marriage, lusting after women,”

Okay, so I feel like there is a lot of things wrong with this. Namely saying that Christians and those who are “saved” have a different sort of ideology of “fun.” Secondly implying that any of these things are “fun” for non-Christians or all of these things are not “fun” to other Christians.

My problem with this sentence is with in these two things: Getting drunk and Stupid & Having Sex outside of Marriage.

I feel like there is a better way to say that you don’t believe in these things any more than saying that these things are the same level of “bad shit” as “doing hardcore drugs” and “being an evil person.”


Getting Drunk and Having SEX before marriage

doesn’t make you a bad person.

It makes you a person who gets drunk sometimes

and has sex before marriage with people you love and trust.

These things make you a “bad” person:

Getting drunk on a daily basis, becoming a alcoholic, never admitting you have a problem, and letting alcohol run your emotions. Like getting drunk and every night coming home to beat your family.

Having sex without properly understanding the consequences and using sex as a weapon to get things that you want.

Alcohol and sex doesn’t make you bad. Regardless of your religious affiliations or what you’ve been told. You make you a bad person. Your choices.

I get drunk with my friends and I have had my share of sexual experiences outside of a committed state/religious institution recognized union.

These things were fun for me. But they were not at all bad. They didn’t make me a bad person. Satan didn’t materialize in front of me and damn my soul to hell.
On the contrary, I enjoy a full and exciting life. I have fun doing these things, going for walks, reading books, playing video games, being silly, and baking fucking cookies. I’m a nice person who gives back to her community, opens doors for people, volunteers, donates time and money to causes I believe in. And I work really hard to help for the general good. I don’t expect a reward at the end of all of it. No supernatural karmatic paycheck, no free admittance into the holy inner sanctum of some deity, I do it because I love to do it.

So if I do “good work,” is my “fun” any worse than what you think is “fun?” Do I get lumped in the same category as a criminal because I have had sex with a handful of different men and women? Is getting drunk once every couple weeks akin to being a generally evil person?


The Answer is, No.