Not Ok: Messages that concern me April & March

by Megan Harris

Here is a sample of some strange messages I receive. There are many more where these came from. I’m just extra lazy.


Hahahah… not even the potential of the world exploding if we hung out would make me want to hang out with you. Just because, A.) We’re not similar…have you looked at our match points? B.) How do you know, based on my profile how I will react to you? I certainly don’t take the site seriously enough for you to make calls on anything about me. C.) “Too.”

I do, in point of fact, have an awesome sense of humor. But I have little patience for people who (as I’ve looked at his profile) just kind of seem like pretty big shallow jerks. Don’t message me if “you’re fat,” is not really the thing that I would like to see when I click on your name. Really.


Yeah, sure you can be permanently in my life as the creepy guy I will avoid at all cost. Welcome to my life.


Are you kidding me? Also am I supposed to be so flattered that I message you back?