Not OK: Should you judge a user by their name?

by Megan Harris

The Answer is Yes.

“MultiplOrgasms” deleted their profile shortly after sending this message. I think they got that nobody wanted to talk to someone with that name.

Advice for your username:

Go with something creative or at the very least something relevant to your real name/alias.

Like JSmith123 or JaneD321.

That moniker is easy, simple, bland, but also safe. No one is going to be like, “EW!” when they see that.

Don’t use 4U or 69 (unless it is your birth year, or you were born June 9th. And even then…steer clear)

JSmith4U is going to get less responses from me than JSmith1981.

Same thing with “creative names.” Purplepenguin4U won’t even get his message read but PurplePenguin will get read and looked at and perhaps a response.

Also if your names are vaguely sexual they’re only going to attract a certain kind of “audience” please fashion your messages and screen who you are messaging accordingly.
If my profile says I am looking for “just friends” don’t think that someone named BigDick694U who is looking for “casual sex” is going to have ANY LUCK when messaging me.