Single and Caffeinated Episode 001: Introductions

by Megan Harris

Hello everyone, I am Megan, a 20-something finding her way in life. That, unfortunately, means that I am also finding my way through the dating world. I’ve been everywhere and done everything you can possibly think of when it comes to dating and relationships. I’ve been burned, been abused, been harassed, been stalked, and been rejected. Sometimes all in the same breath.

Through the life of this blog, however long that may be, there is going to be some really brazen opinions put out by yours truly. I in no way believe you should accept what I have to say wholeheartedly. That is the history major in me talking. Don’t swallow things whole! You are allowed to pick out what you want from what I have to say. Don’t think that when I say something I truly believe that you all should follow my instructions mindlessly.

One thing I’ve learned from my years of experience in dating and giving advice to people in their dating lives is that one method and style does not suit all. People are all different and so is dating.

What can you expect me to write or post?

  • Dating Nightmares
  • How to deal with: [insert awkward situation here] pieces
  • Horrible Emails I received from my very own internet dating profiles
  • Internet Dating Comparative Reviews
  • Guest Posts sent in by my readers
  • Any questions readers might send me about any topic
  • About my bad relationships and how I dealt with and got out of them